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What to Look For In a Google Advertising Professional?

Google advertising is one excellent way to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. But you’ve to have some experience for doing Google advertising. If you don’t, it’s okay. You can always hire a Google advertising professional for the work.

Google advertising professionals are aware of the ins and outs of the advertising business. They can help you in your efforts to do effective Google advertising. But, how do you realize who is a Google AdWords guru? What things to look for to hire an AdWords expert?

There are some very important things related to hiring a Google advertising professional. You’ve to take care of them to ensure that the AdWords guru you hire for Pay per Click management is a perfect Google advertising professional. To know what those things are, continue reading…

Check Qualification – Google offers a google advertising professional exam to ensure credibility of the advertising professionals. People are certified by Google as AdWords professional. So the first thing to check out prior to hiring a Google advertising professional is to check out if he is Google certified.

Ask for a Free Campaign – Google advertising professionals receive free credits which they can use for new clients. When you’re hiring an AdWords guru, ask for a free campaign. It will enable you to assess if the person you’re hiring can actually create great advertising campaigns for you.

Know the Cost – Hiring an AdWords expert at the end boils down to the cost you may incur. It’s really important that you check out the cost of the Google Advertising professional you’re hiring. Currently, in AdWords market, experts charge anywhere between $20 and $100 per hour for their services. The rates vary based on the experience, qualification, and expertise of a person.

You’ll have to check your budget before you could hire an expert for Pay per Click management. Also read “What are the Google Advertising Costs?” on and see if a professional fits in your budget too.

Check Previous Work – Google advertising professionals with experience will be able to show you the outcome of their previous work – the type of ads they created, the click-through rate they received, and the number of conversions after the campaign was carried out, etc. And other relevant things related to Google advertising.

See if The Expert is Friendly and Willing to Share – This is an important thing. What most people underestimate while hiring a Google advertising professional is the nature. Some experts are not too friendly. They don’t share much information about how the campaign is going.

Whereas, others are friendly and cooperative; they not just create and work on AdWords but also help their clients understand the whole process. In short, they’re more transparent in their work approach.

Ask What Information They Need – It so happens that sometimes, Google advertising professionals ask for more information than just keywords. They ask for demographic details, product details, which the target audience is, so on and so forth. While other gurus do the entire research including keywords and create a campaign on their own.

These are some of the important qualities you should check before hiring a Google advertising professional. You can find experts by searching on Google and other blogs and forums.

Search for Pay per Click management experts and results will pop up on your screen. Get in touch with the ones you find suitable. Check their credibility and assess them with the above mentioned things. You’ll most likely find an affordable, reliable, and a certified Google advertising professional for your online advertising campaign.

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Irrelevant PPC and SEO efforts will kill your marketing ROI

I trust you've been getting something out of the SEO & PPC material that I've sent you in the last couple of weeks.
Today I want to briefly touch on the issue of keeping your online marketing fresh and importantly...relevant.
Being relevant means that your PPC ads and SEO efforts are:
• 'offered' to the right potential clients
• and following that, you are sending these right potential clients the right message
It doesn't help your business for example if your online marketing aiming to attract 'industrial design' clients has inadvertently been bringing in traffic looking for 'graphic design' or 'interior design' fact anyone searching 'design'. ppc management fees
Even when you've captured the attention of the right 'industrial design' clients, you need to send the correct message and offer the right incentives for them to come into your website, stay there and spending money on your products. At the very least, you want to have them come back or stay in touch with them so you can follow up.
Here are some direct consequences if you fail to stay relevant when marketing online:
• costly PPC campaigns as non-clients click on your ads - this is waste!
• conversion rates mired in low single digits (more waste!)
• SEO efforts that are not improving your ranking in the right search categories
• potential clients going straight to your competitors
• poor loyalty from clients because you fail to build long term relationships
You will certainly find that the exact opposite will happen when you become more relevant - reduced marketing $ wastage, improved traffic conversion rates, higher search engine ranking, improved good traffic volume and enhanced customer loyalty.
My top five tips for staying relevant in your online marketing efforts are:
use PPC & SEO correctly to attract and funnel the right clients - this means working smart and consistently on your research, keyword phrasing, analysis and testing (For more detail reading on this topic, click on these links here PPCSEO)
always sell product benefits that address client needs - and never fall into the trap of just showcasing your product features and assuming your clients will 'get it'.
'Features' only inform.
'Benefits' sells.
ensure your online marketing (ads, website, email correspondence) speaks one-on-one to the client - never offer a one size fit all solution. Remember within market niches, there are even smaller niches (eg not all 'industrial designers' work in 'manufacturing')
remember relevance changes over time - clients' needs change constantly and product cycles develop so you need to ensure your online marketing is evolving over time as well. So if you don't tweak your online marketing, you may be setting your business up for future failures.
build relationships with all your existing clients (and potential clients) by offering them reasons to come back to your website or by reading your blog/emails. By offering genuine value for them to stay in touch, you can keep your business and products in their minds and develop long term loyalty.
Work on these five pointers and your business can avoid the cruel curse of being labelled 'IRREVEVANT'.


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